The content of the footer managed in /_data/footer.yml for your main language. And in /_data/LOCALE/footer.yml for your other languages - replace LOCALE with your language code e.g. da for danish.

  - name: Group headline # This is the headline of the first columns
    description: | # optional description
      You can have markdown here (remmeber to start the line with a pipe "|").
    links: # optional links
    - text: Name of project partner 1
      new_window: true # optional
    - text: Name of project partner 2
      new_window: true
    connectIcons: true # optional - will insert social icons based on what user names you added in _config.yml
  - name: Next group
    description: Only a description on here

Since the descriptions are markdown, you can add links, images, icons, use Bulma classes to create the content you want. But for common things like links and social icons there are some shortcuts that you can use.

Social icons

You can just write these links your self using markdown, but there is some predefined ones that you can insert by adding connectIcons: true to a group. The social icons and links will then be inserted based on your _config.yml. The pre-configured ones are:

twitter_username: gbif
github_username: gbif
youtube_username: gbif
facebook_username: gbif